John Howes


Agricultural practices fashion our view of the countryside, however with traditional farms in decline, the need to care for and maintain the countryside becomes an ever-increasing issue.

Farm buildings and their uses are constantly being adapted to reflect the ever-changing needs of farm businesses and owners. The Old Dairy at Penpont (currently derelict) provides the ideal site for John Howes’ response to State of the State and Penpont’s ongoing developments.

John Howes lives on a farm in the Swansea Valley, which he has worked for the past 30 years. Much of his artwork explores the relationship between the land and the intervention of man particularly in the context of agricultural landscapes.

“The environment of the farm is a constant ‘touchstone’ for him, and making work with and from the very substance of a location is paramount, whether as an intervention at a particular site or as site-derived works for exhibition elsewhere.”

Woodcut of Milkmaids Woodcut of Milkmaids Old Dairy Door Penpont

The Old Dairy Penpont