Sue Hiley Harris

'Apple Moons'

I respond to ideas, shapes and geometry in nature and life and translate an essence into my work. Free hanging, the sculptures respond to their setting. They bring together pervasive themes in my life: encompassing the study of fine art, a fascination with geometry, an abiding interest in science and the environment, a deep understanding of yarn and the practice of weaving.

Twenty-nine Apple Moons will hang in the orchard.

"The synodic month is the 29.5 days the moon takes to travel from one new moon to the next. In one synodic month, the moon completes slightly more than one orbit of the earth and turns once on its own axis. The synodic month and the lunar day are the same think. The synodic month is also called a lunation."
The Book of the Moon, Rick Stroud 2009

wire sculpture in apple tree apples and wire

2009, each approximately 7.5 cm diameter x 3.5 cm
wire (stainless steel and silk covered tinned copper) and apple pulp handwoven and constructed